Our Philosophy

Beloved flavours. Modern techniques.

Five star dining with the aromas of Greece

Bold tastes, artistic appearance and a profound love for the Greek culinary tradition compose the orchestration of the absolute fine dining symphony offered by SENSE Restaurant. Treasured Greek flavours are elevated to unknown levels of fine dining through Chef’s Alexandros Charalabopoulos profound love and diversified skills. His team could not but share his passion for the culinary tradition of Greece, resulting in an army of skillful experts who constantly experiment, explore, taste and improve. Creativity in all aspects, from structuring the menu to finishing and decorating each and every dish with the same care and excitement as if it was the first one ever.

Possibilities are endless but not a factor that affects the dining experience at SENSE Restaurant; because everything is thoroughly designed to produce the one and only outcome: induce guests into the unique gastronomic journey the Chef has planned for them and make them feel even the slightest element of his inspiration.

Greek cuisine re-imaged and re-imagined

What inspires us to create your culinary journey

Authentic Flavours.

Deep respect to the renowned Greek gastronomy and a creative passion to highlight its core elements and inimitable ingredients is the cornerstone of our philosophy and the starting point of an astounding trajectory to the country’s culinary history.

Intriguing Appearances.

A playful mood illustrated in all dishes. A piece of art where colours, shapes and textures have been carefully studied before presented. The savoury result leaves you astonished; how can a dish can actually taste like high-end art…

Perfection. Nothing Less.

Freshly produced raw materials, top quality meat and fish, vegetables and fruit perfect to their last fiber, thorough cooking techniques to bring out the best of each material; all flawlessly leading to a simplicity that redefines fine dining.

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SENSE Athens

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